meet the team

"Dsign Worx is a graphic design company that thrives off of bringing ideas to life... Creatively Speaking! The goal is to inspire business-minded people  to pursue their goals. Our Core Beliefs are:
Authenticity, Relationships, and Integrity"




Born in Southwest Philadelphia with a mind full of imagination, Dontae has always been drawn to the arts. Using walls for canvases, dancing to music, participating in live productions with no prior training made the world just a beautiful and colorful place to grow up. With sights set on pursuing a career in animation, Dontae attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia only to switch the following year to graphic design. In 2007, it became clear that entrepreneurship would be the next step. His first job was to design a logo for a pastor with an urban feel. The following year Dontae would graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. With over 10 years of experience the revelation of being a business owner has been the following: you are in business to solve the problems of others, not just make money. In that regard, Dontae has dedicated his craft to bringing other professionals' ideas to life... creatively speaking.




Oh hey there! My name is Kamiel Corbin, affectionately known as Kammie.  I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, with a minor in Philosophy and a Pre-Law certification from Lincoln University. My passion for understanding legal concepts and analyzing details led me to the world of Compliance as a career.  Outside of my professional life, I enjoy reading a wide range of literary genres from biographies to thrillers.  I also enjoy spending time reading to the youth in the community via several volunteering initiatives as well as working with local soup kitchens.  As the Legal Administrator for Dsign Worx, LCC my main goal is to ensure the company adheres to the applicable policies and procedures as it relates to the nature of the business. 




Hello, I’m Tranise Sharpe. I am a Brand Designer with experience in graphic design and fashion marketing. I went to Savannah College of Art and Design where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. I was born and raised in Philadelphia where creativity and hustle is in our nature, which is part of the reason why I love what I do. I've had a passion for the arts since the age of 10 that was demonstrated through animation sketches and fashion illustrations. Now I create logos, packaging, flyers, business cards and more to establish brand identity for entrepreneurs. My passion is to help entrepreneurs become successful by creating a strong distinctive identity for their company. I am now the business partner for Dsign Worx, where our mission is to create first and then inspire you to achieve greatness in business.



My name is Catherine but you can call me Cat. I am the administrator for Dsign Worx and here are some fun facts about me. I was born in raised in Philadelphia. I attended Temple University were I received a BA in Psychology and will be returning Fall 2020 to earn a Masters in Education with a focus in Advocacy and Organizational Development. It’s pretty safe to say “I’m Temple Made”... TU! I’m currently working as a Workforce Development Coordinator for a DHS Agency. Aside from my professional life I love working with youth, acting, and event planning. Whenever there’s an event I’m your go to girl whether it’s an event for professional or personal purposes. I love planning events and being able to watch every little detail come together from start to finish. As administrator for Dsign Worx I have the capability to exercise my strengths in areas such as planning, organization, oversight of operations/events, coordinating events, identifying strategies and ways to improve our operations for the betterment of our team and growing clientele, and etc. If Dsign Worx hasn’t taught me anything else, It has definitely taught me there’s no I in team.