1) Is Dsign Worx, LLC for profit or non-profit?

Dsign Worx, LLC is a for-profit business venture.  

2) Where are you located?
Dsign Worx, LLC is based out of Philadelphia, PA and offers services in other states.

3) What services do you provide?
Please see our "Services" page for details.

4) Do you offer printing services?
We do not offer printing services at this time.

5) Do you have specific deadlines & turnaround times?
A schedule of work is determined prior to the execution of the "Terms of Service" agreement.

6) How many samples will I receive?
We provide a maximum of 5 samples during Phase 2 of The Process.  Additional samples can be provided for an additional charge.

7) How many edits are allowed and how much do you charge for edits?
A set amount of edits are determined during the consultation if all details of the project are provided and therefore included in the cost;  Additional charges may be incurred if the amount of edits exceed the amount initially agreed upon.